• With a socio-economic mission of 'Together We Rise', the Forum aims to engage in socio-cultural, educational and economic development activities for the benefit of the society, the region and its members.

    The Forum's primary objectives are:

    + Promote and facilitate common understanding, cooperation and socio-cultural ties between non-resident Keralites of Vatakara region living in UAE and the people living in Vatakara Parliamentary region, irrespective of caste, creed, colour or community, or any political affiliation.
    + Participate in economic development activities that benefit the members and the region.
    + Promote arts, literature, social, educational and cultural activities, and complement such activities of similar associations.
    + Participate in charitable activities and other programs that contribute to uplifting the economically weaker sections of the society.
    + Engage in efforts to alleviate the common problems and difficulties that the Non-Resident Keralites of Vatakara region face in the State.
    + Establish and maintain relationships with the Central Government, State Government, Non-Resident Keralite Affairs (NORKA) Department, people's representatives (Member of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assembly, etc.) in the State, and plan such activities that benefit the non-residents

  • Historical insight

    Known for its rich cultural heritage and traditions is one of a few historical places in the south Indian State of Kerala,Vatakara. Historically, Vatakara was the capital of old 'Kurumbranadu'. This name was derived from a tribal flock known as 'Kurumbrar', who were the main inhabitants of this place. Vatakara was also known as Kadathanadu, a place widely acclaimed for the origin and propagation of ancient form of martial arts, "Kalaripayattu", some 3 centuries ago, but this name is not prevalent today. This is that precious land where warriors like Thacholi Othenan and Kunhali Marakar once lived.

    Geographical location

    Geographically, Vatakara is situated along the vital Coast of Arabian Sea, in the north-west of Kerala. It is located to the west of Kozhikode by the side of historical Kottakkal puzha. Vatakara is a commercial focal point in the business district of Kozhikode with all the vital amenities available for a modern township.

    Vatakara – The Origin

    The name for todays Vatakara has its origin in 'Vadakkekara' due to its geographical location in the north bank of Kottakkal puzha. Popular usage of Vadakkekara led to its present name, Vatakara..

    Gandhijis Visit

    In 1934, Mahathma Gandhi visited Vatakara as part of his campaign trip to Malabar for his heart-warming social cause, the Harijan Fund Raising when the Kaumudi initiative received wide popular applause and attracted national fame.